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New Church Construction Kicks off in Hubei

New Church Construction Kicks off in Hubei

The church construction site The church construction site
ByYi Yang August 29, 2017
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Construction on Dafan Church, located in Xianning, Hubei, recently kicked off. The church is situated in the heart of Xian'an District and is easy to get to. 

The church staff led the congregation to pray for the construction last week. The believers read the Bible, sang hymns, and prayed in the open space. 

The congregation has grown to more than 200 from just a few in 1996. The former two-story brick and concrete building was of poor quality. With the development of local Christianity, the simple church failed to meet the demand of believers. Moreover, the real estate development around the church resulting from the rapid urbanization caused serious damage to the church's foundation and walls.

About 1,615 square meters of land was allocated by the local government to the church in 2015. Covering more than 500 square meters (0.123 acres), the new five-story church with more than 2,000 square meters (0.494 acres)  will include a main hall, a training building, a canteen, a Sunday school room, and a parking lot. 3.5 million RMB is estimated to cover the construction cost and furnishings.

- Translated by Karen Luo

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