The Time Comes You'll Be Sick Of Your Job According to Survey

By M. Grace, September 13, 2017 21:09 PM


Is it difficult for you to go to work in the morning and that you are slowly dying every time just by hearing the word "work"? Well, get ready as the worst is yet to come.

A human resource company called Robert Half commissioned the "Happiness Works," a developer of a "happiness analytics platform [that] enables forward-looking organizations to understand, measure, and harness employee happiness," to survey more than 2,000 employees in United Kingdom. 

According to the study of the firm, they found out that one in six employees in United Kingdom over 35 years of age are unhappy at work. One-third of the people being surveyed (over 35) found their jobs extremely stressful.

In contrast, only the one-fourth of the participants aged 18 to 35 felt the same way as they are known to be less jaded and burned out in general.

According to Travel and Leisure website, there are few numbers of reason why workers seemed to be unhappy over time. It added that as employee's age, they either face the growing stress of more senior positions or the pressure and disappointment of not having achieved what they expected or hoped for.

While salaries tend to increase, responsibilities also increases such as childcare, which eats up time and money.

The survey also found out that nearly one-third of the respondents over 55 do not feel appreciated at work and that the 16 percent of respondents do not have workplace friends.

However, this is all not a bad news as Robert Half also found out on the survey that the over-35 aged employees feel more competent in skills and exercise greater influence as well as freedom at work which can also contribute to happiness. 



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