BTS Break Records with 'Love Yourself'

By Faith Magbanua, September 21, 2017 02:09 AM


According to a report by Hanteo Chart on September 20, it states that BTS' comeback album entitled 'Love Yourself - Her' is currently breaking the album sales records after its initial release on the 18th of September 2017 and to add to that, the physical album release on the 19th also gained a massive hit.

On the first day of its release, 'Love Yourself - Her' sold a total of 455,888 copies and counting. The album also set an impressive new record for the highest stock pre-orders totaling to 1,122,946 albums.

BTS, with their previous album 'You Never Walk Alone', has sold 373,705 copies on its first day release.

Furthermore, they are also the first Korean group to be listed on Spotify's 'Global Top 50'. On September 19, "DNA" debuted on the same chart at #50. The chart is decided based from the most popular songs streamed all over the world.

The K-pop group also released a series of "inspirational messages" uploaded in their Spotify playlist, saying words of encouragement to their BTS Army.

On Tuesday, Love Yourself had already topped the iTunes Album charts at No. 1 in a record-breaking 73 countries, making it the largest debut release for any South Korean artists. "DNA," the album's lead single, is also blowing up on YouTube with nearly 30 million views since its early Monday release.

Rap Monster, the group's leader, released a statement in an interview sharing how overwhelmed they are at the success of their latest album.

"We're surprised at the huge response when each album is released but it is beyond our expectation and overwhelming this time. Our new songs topped iTunes chart in 73 countries and made its debut at No. 4 on the US iTunes Song chart. "DNA" music video views surpassed 10 million in just 8 hours, which was the fastest for Korean artists ever. We are very grateful to our fans worldwide for appreciating our music and video."


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