How to Invite People to the Family of Christ

By CCD contributor: Mitchell, September 27, 2017 02:09 AM

The aerial view of the new church of Beimen Church in Fujian(CCD File Photo)

It is very worthwhile to lead people to the Lord.

People never get tired inviting others to different groups to gain the interest of the world. However, we must admit that bringing people to the family of Christ is the most valuable and important thing. Christ Jesus didn't just call us, he gave us a great mission to save the souls drenched in sins.

The truth is many families don't even try to invite people to church, let alone do it regularly.

Is it because we are lazy, selfish, and have no burden for unsaved souls? Or is it because we're too busy to think about it? The answer is uncertain. Maybe people just assume others won't go even if they are invited. It may be true. But there must be people searching humbly for the meaning of life.

God has prepared their hearts so they're willing. All we need to do is to pray for them and ask. Certainly, they won't even consider going to the church if they aren't invited.

In addition, we can't expect to succeed on the first try. There aren't many people who became Christians with just one invitation, it may take several. Remember, every sincere invitation with the love of God is necessary.

According to Rev. Comiskey, though people feel differently the data shows that on average people respond after they hear the Gospel seven times and keep it in mind.

Therefore, when you invite someone to a fellowship or church and that person doesn't respond to your message, it is possible that he or she needs more time.

Perhaps you are worrying about how to bring people to the Lord. Philip was a good example in this respect.

When he met Jesus, he couldn't wait to find his good friend Nathanael to tell him about Jesus. When Nathanael doubted, he didn't argue but said three words: "Come and see."

Facts speak louder than words. Bring people to the church before the Lord, and let them seek on their own. God is waiting for them.

God is personally searching every person that belongs to him and it is on Christians to spread the good news: "Come, God is looking for you." Lead the way to church and help them encounter the Lord who made us, loves us, and saved us, so that they can have the great joy with us in Christ.

Let's pray that our burden of bearing little or no fruit be removed from us so we can renew our strength and win more people for God.

(The author is a guest writer and pastor in China's Hunan Province.)

-Translated by Grace Hubl

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