Thai Movie 'Bad Genius' Gross More $17.6 US Dollars Over The Weekend

By M. Grace, October 16, 2017 22:10 PM

Bad Genius(Wikimedia Commons)

Thai movie "Bad Genius" took over the Chinese box office and earned $17.6 million within just three days since its release in October 13.

According to a report, the performance of "Bad Genius" on the first day was very good and the movie is even more expected to raise another movie frenzy after the Golden Week national Holiday.

Before the movie was released in Chinese mainland, the movie was shown in Hong Kong, Taiwan and Thailand. It received a very good feedback from the audience.

According to Chinese audience, the theme of the movie has to do with social and education issues that are presented in a new way. Some even said that the movie is way better than any Hollywood film.

"Bad Genius" tells a story about  Lynn (Chutimon Chuengcharoensukying), a straight-A student who plans with rich kid Pat (Teeradon Supapunpinyo) to cheat the international standardized test for students wanting to enrol in the world's leading universities.

The test is scheduled to take place on the same date and same time at locations all over the world. Their plan is for Lynn to fly to a country in a time zone that's ahead of Thailand and then send the answers back to her customers. The only setback is that they need another genius to help them pass on the answers in Thailand and the only person that fits the profile is Bank (Chanon Santinatornkul), Lynn's scholarship-student rival who is staunchly against cheating of any kind."

"Bad Genius" is a movie sensationalized based on the cheating case of 2014, which tells the story of how talented people are in exploiting their skills to help others cheat in their exams. 

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