BTS Hits 10 Million Followers on Twitter; To Appear at 'The Late Late Show'

By Faith Magbanua, November 15, 2017 04:11 AM

BTS(Facebook / BTSARMY)

On Monday, the official twitter account for BTS - @bts_twt - has achieved 10 million followers on Twitter -- a first for any Korean artist.

The accomplishment has initially earned them a hashtag, #LoveBTS10M, which was paired with the group's third Twitter emoji.

The news reinforces their domination as Billboard's Top Social Artist, the distinction they won at the Billboard Music Awards in May 2017.

Stan Twitter is a subculture all its own, especially when it comes to BTS's passionate and dedicated fan base, ARMY.

Their mobilization sent #LoveBTS10M trending worldwide shortly after the achievement was announced.

To add to that, the group will also be launching their third emoji, which was inspired by the official logo that represents ARMY. The symbol is an inversion of the door-shaped logo used for the #BTSxAMAS and #ARMYxAMAs hashtag, which was unveiled on July 5 as part of the group's newly extended brand identity.

On the other hand, another American TV guesting has been lined up for BTS's visit to the United States, as the group will be headed "The Late Late Show With James Corden". The news has surprised fans on Monday that the boys will also be heading to the famous show on Tuesday.

To add to that, they will also be performing at the AMAs and appearing on The Ellen Degeneres Show and Jimmy Kimmel Live!

The Nov. 14 recording of the show will feature BTS as a special musical guest. Tickets for the taping, available through 1iota, sold out immediately upon the news of the K-pop act's performance.

American talk shows and late night shows have been the introductory point for many Korean acts to the U.S. The Late Late Show has hosted K-pop acts in the past, with CL performing her first English single "Lifted" on the show last year.

With the introduction of another K-pop band in the American music industry, it is now very clear that the doors have finally opened to other artists not just in Korea but also around Asia as well.

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