Dealing with Sadness, the Christian Way

By Faith Magbanua, November 29, 2017 05:11 AM


Let us therefore come boldly unto the throne of grace, that we may obtain mercy, and find grace to help in time of need. - Hebrews 4:16

How well do we handle sadness?  In this era of stressful jobs, underpaid millennials, overworked individuals and so much more that we just to make everything stop just so we can breathe; how well do we handle sadness?

Of course, people who are always happy tend to be the ones who gets sad easily, and probably, the ones who are secretly shedding a tear every night. But how do we keep on holding on as Christians?

When we get to the end of our own strength, our limits, our hope. We realize that we need God to make it in life and keep our soul tender and true, it is good to remember that:

1.        God sent a rainbow to Noah after that hideous storm, as a symbol of His love and promise that His love for us will never waver (Genesis 9:14-15)

We must always keep in mind that trials will not end, it is just a way of God testing us.  The real deal is how well do we hold-up through the storm?  What lessons have we learn?

2.        God spoke to Moses in a burning bush (Exodus 3:2-6)

When in doubt, always seek God for His wisdom and you never knew what form of answer He will give you.  God works in mysterious ways.  His answers are not always on the positive aspect of life, but God answers prayers.

3.       God allowed a young shepherd boy to conquer a mighty warrior with only a slingshot and a single stone.  (I Samuel 17:49)

We all have our fair share of giants in our life, but just like David, we need to conquer every fear, every persecution especially when someone is persecuting our God.  In this life, not everyone will be accepting of our faith but let us remember that it is only an obstacle that we need to face.  With the help of God, we can defeat it. 

In conclusion:

There are a lot of ways in conquering our sadness, those three example are just the beginning of an endless list of people in the Bible who've had their fair share of downs in their life.  But always remember that what made us different from other people is how we deal sadness.

Sadness will never go away, it is part of being alive, but it gets better.  If we keep on threading to that sadness, we will reach the point where we no longer feel affected anymore, because in every dark tunnel in our life, God is holding our hand, his word serves a lamp unto our feet and a light unto our path.

Thy word is a lamp unto my feet, and a light unto my path.

-Psalm 119:105 (KJV)



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