Cultural Heritage Protection Awards Held in Guangzhou

By Mei Manuel, December 19, 2017 15:12 PM

Great Wall of China(Pixabay)

On Friday, a special awards ceremony in Guangzhou was held for individuals and organizations assisting in cultural heritage protection in China.

The winners of the event - which is now celebrating its ninth year this year - were released by the China Foundation for Cultural Heritage Conservation and were carefully selected based on expert judgment and public polls.

Some of the winners for the individual category included a museum teacher in Shaanxi, a cultural reporter from Beijing, a forest ranger fighting tomb raiders in Hubei, a retired worker working on short films in Hubei and a museum worker from the Xinjiang Uygur autonomous region.

At least 10 people won awards this year.

At least 10 organizations won in the organizations category, including a media team for the Palace Museum, a Beijing-based volunteer group assisting in the protection of the Great Wall and a team from the China Central Television who is assisting in the introduction on traditional villages.

According to Li Xiaojie, head of the China Foundation for Cultural Heritage Conservation, "The awards also enhance people's cultural self-confidence."

To browse the full list of winners, they can be seen on

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