Church Celebrates In the Form of Christmas Fair

By CCD contributor: Liu Shan , December 30, 2017 06:12 AM

Free postcards in the Christmas Fair

Free food in the Christmas Fair

The Christmas Fair

As a Christian, I grew used to going to church on Christmas. In recent years, I celebrate it in different churches because of my work. Sometimes in rural churches where they have classic plays like Ten Bridesmaids and Birth of Jesus. Though their props and performance are very traditional and simple, their innocent heart is very touching. However, in urban big churches, people have to wait a long while in a queue before entering the chapel. There are even many more who have no choice but worshipping in the courtyard of the church.

In some of these churches, they focus on sermons while portraying the major conflicts in people's lives in the form of skits on stage, such as 'mother and daughter-in-law issues' and 'young people feeling pressured to get married' to guide believers to reflect on their life and seek to know Jesus. Some churches have praise and worship that last the whole evening.

This year, I went to a modern urban church where they've combined the Gospel with the most common commercial publicity method into a Christmas Fair.

The Christmas Fair had three parts.

First, they provided free cookies and drinks made by the brothers and sisters of the church.

Second, people could collect postcards to write down Christmas blessings. They could also share with the ushers who would offer their prayers.

The last was most interesting. They created an "amusement space" by lining cans for people to circle. The winner was given a Christmas gift package.

Before the service began, everyone could draw from the bags held by the ushers. The prizes were Christmas-themed socks and colorful candy canes which are very popular among children.

-Translated by Grace Hubl

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