Chinese Netizens Angry Over Racist French Nursery Rhyme

By M. Grace, January 03, 2018 23:01 PM

French nursery rhyme(Screengrab from Youtube)

A Paris kindergarten was called out for teaching song about a Chinese boy with his tiny eyes and flip-flops.

Chinese netizens were infuriated this week when the Global Times posted photos and a video of a French children's song featuring a boy named Chang who has teeny tiny eyes, eats lychees and rice and wears flip flops.

The song was first discovered in Aubervilliers, Paris where it had been taught on kindergarten students for over a decade. The photos of this nursery rhyme first surfaced when a parent sent the song to the president of Association of Chinese Residents in France, Sacha Lin Jung.

When it was first posted on social media, activists working with a group called SOS Racisme called for its removal from the said curriculum of kindergarten. The song is now widely condemned across France and even the French Ministry of Education promised to remove the song as soon as possible.

Meanwhile, Chinese netizens have reacted harshly with the news and that they throw some hard words for the French and Westerners who said that "French love to create art that ridicules others."

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