How One Mistake Ruined Logan Paul’s Social Media Status?

By Faith Magbanua, January 06, 2018 02:01 AM

Logan Paul(Youtube - Screenshot)

Just a few days ago, the controversial video medium, YouTube, has gained yet another "notorious" YouTuber, by the name of Logan Paul, as the influencer committed yet another disastrous endeavor to gain popularity in the interwebs.

So what made the internet explode both in negative and positive sides?

For starters, a viral, disturbing, video has been believed to have been uploaded this New Year's Eve and since it was posted, it had taken the internet by storm.

The viral video, has even reached number 10 trending on Youtube contains a rather different theme when it comes to your everyday vlog.

Logan Paul, the famed YouTuber, has travelled all the way from the US to Japan, to visit Aokigahara, also known as the Sea of Trees. It is a forest on the northwestern flank of Japan's Mount Fuji, however, the forest is no ordinary place, for it is also known as the Suicide forest.

So why does this matter?

Everything went into shambles when Logan saw a dead body hanging from a tree. To add to that, what irked some celebrities and netizens, is the fact that not only did Logan filmed the dead body again, and again, but the fact that the YouTuber is said to have used the dead person as some sort of "click bait" or a means to get more hits and interest netizens to watch the video for more popularity.

Though after a horrific amount of hate that the YouTuber has received, he immediately took down the video that was also not monetized, and filmed a footage saying that he is sorry.

And while some people are buying the apology, there are still a number of people who are still not convinced.

On the other hand, there are still more alarming situations that comes onto play in light of the recent Logan Paul video.

In the recent years, a lot of people have been silently suffering from depression and not all of us are concerned about it.

While there are a few who are doing some prevention, there are still a handful who are really not aware on how serious the issue of depression is.

For example, depression not only attacks people with negative life experiences, depression can happen to anyone.

It doesn't have a particular target, it just happens, and the last thing we know, somebody has already taken his or her life because of depression.

Depression does not occur only in Japan, but in China also.

According to reports, the most recent government data provides statistics more in line with external estimations.

Information coming from a 2011 Centre for Disease Control and Prevention report said that China's suicide rate is 22.23 people out of every 100,000. This rate places the country among the countries with the highest suicide per capita in the world.

While the mean of the rural rates used in the 18 papers is 116.5, for urban rates based on 17 papers is only 30.8. The rural/urban ratio for Chinese suicide rates is again a reflection of the WHO data, where the rural suicide rates are three times greater than the urban rates.

More and more people are dying because of depression and the only way for it to stop is for us to understand each other.

Given the fact that the entire shenanigan of Logan Paul happened, it is sad to say that not everyone gives a dime on what really happens to a person when depression eats them.

If you know anyone who is having suicidal thoughts or someone who needs help, here are the hotlines for China:

  • Police Hotline: 110
  • Ambulance Hotline: 120
  • Beijing Suicide Research and Prevention Center Hotline (24/7) - 800-810-1117 or 010-82951332.
  • Lifeline Shanghai (open from 10 am to 10pm) - (021) 6279 8990 or online.
  • Shanghai Mental Health Center - 021-64387250.


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