Chinese Woman Stops High-Speed Train to Wait for Husband

By M. Grace, January 11, 2018 22:01 PM

Chinese Woman Stops High-Speed Train to Wait for Husband(Screenshot)

Video of a Chinese woman stopping a high-speed train from departing the railway station and insisting that her husband will arrive soon has gone viral on social media.

In the 4-minute video filmed on Friday, January 5, the said Chinese woman is seen standing in the entrance door of the high-speed train at the Hefei Railway Station in Anhui Province. The woman is talking on her phone and a pair of conductors arrive at the scene, telling the woman to take her seat or get off the train as it is about to depart.

Instead, the woman insisted that the train should wait longer for her husband, who she claimed is just at the gate and will arrive shortly. The conductors try to reason with the woman but they failed so they try to shove her off the train but the woman refuses to budge.

One of the conductors then dragged the woman off the train, causing her to stumble on the ground but she still managed to stuck her foot in the train doorway and prevent it from closing.

Passengers from the train also started to yell at her saying that she should just follow the rules of the train. In the end, the woman was pulled off the train.

The Chinese woman has been identified as Luo Haili, a teacher at a Hefei primary school. She faces 2,000 yuan fine and 10 days detention for violation the railway regulations. She was also reported to have been suspended from her job.

However, Chinese netizens called out to the government and said that those punishments were not enough. They called out for Lou to be placed as a permanent blacklist from riding a high-speed train.

You can watch the full video here:

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