The Importance of Having a Christian Family

By CCD contributor: Zhi Xian , January 13, 2018 01:01 AM

A family have fun on the beach. (

Marriage is a major event for both individuals and the church, and a while back, a couple wedded in our church.

Two years ago, a comprehensive survey was conducted in our church showing that there weren't as many families who were all believers as mixed families.

A follow-up in 2017 discovered that there are significant differences between these two types of families. For example, in families who are all believers, the number who deviate from the Faith is much lower and spouses serving in the church higher. The happiness index of married couples, sense of satisfaction of children, and disagreement between spouses are also different.

We have to say that a Christian family has a crucial effect on pursuing a spiritual life for every believer. And it can even promote the development of the church.

A spiritual life booster

Personally, I grew up in a Christian family and my mother used to be my Sunday school teacher. We're still walking on the same path serving God.

The most important thing about growing up in a family like this is that, no matter what happens, everyone submits before God. Even when my parents have quarrels, they're willing to humbly kneel before God to repent and accept each other if one of them suggests praying.

My parents do not suppress me with their authority; they allow me to make my own choices using the Word of God.

Similarly, when their deeds don't conform to the Truth, I will point it out and they will accept it with an open mind.

In doing this, my family developed an atmosphere that honors God as the greatest; in supervising, encouraging, and helping each other, our spiritual life keeps advancing.

Better fulfill God's purposes

Amos 3:3 says:

"Do two walk together unless they have agreed to do so."

Every Christian has a mission: to spread the Gospel and found churches. Meanwhile, the Bible teaches to "love your neighbor as yourself." However, in reality, we truly realize that one alone can't bear such a mission.

A Christian family, on the other hand, will better fulfill God's trust with shared insight, sense of mission, and pursuit because they all love God.

Deal with the outside impact

In today's religious circumstances, having a Christian family should be the top priority. Family members can worship at home to sustain their pure faith from outside contamination and disturbance. Also, with a Christian family, the Faith will carry on. And as long as there is an inheritance, there will be a revival.

This will also help in resisting heresies since people can communicate and discuss the Word of God anytime and anywhere.

To face the future, we need to build a steady Christian family first. When all the family becomes one in Christ, the physical things may not exist, but the invisible power will be stronger and stronger. The purity of the Faith will be preserved, as will the foundation of serving. The seed of life will gestate in each family till the coming of God, the Gospel will spread yet again on the land where our foot has trod.

May each of our families be like Noah's - consecrated, worshipping God only, and pleasing to Him.

-Translated by Grace Hubl

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