Asia Mourns The Cranberries Dolores O'Riordan's Death

By M. Grace, January 17, 2018 09:01 AM

O'Riordan singing onstage at the height of their fame, 1995(Wikimedia Commons)

The world is reeling from the death news of the lead singer of The Cranberries, Dolores O'Riordan. She was found dead in a hotel, Monday, January 15.

According to BBC, fans has yet to know that the band has an enduring impact across the Asia. Thus, her fans in the region are truly affected.

The Cranberries gave Asia an introduction to Irish rock and pop. Their songs like "Dreams," "Linger" and "Zombie" remained to be staple tracks on radio stations and even on karaoke bars across Asia.

"The Cranberries had so many hits in Asia," said Lauretta Alabons, director and founder of Singapore-based concert provider LAMC Productions.

Alabons said that she was saddened and shocked by the news.

"The 90's was a very special time as a lot of new genres of music came to the forefront. Music fans had access to MTV and iconic music stores like Tower Records and HMV. All their CDs sold [during this time] also contributed to their longevity during this era," she added about The Cranberries.

A fan from Singapore also shared how she was drawn to The Cranberries' lead vocalist originality and rebel style.

"She was a rebel and I loved her for that. When she first came on the scene, there were people who thought she sang funnily, almost like yodelling. But I didn't feel that way. It was that quality that drew me to her," she said."Her music video appearances were also different from other music stars of that era. She danced funny too but because she was so authentic, it became her style instead."

"Their music helped me to stay true to who I am. Being a teenager was tough back in those days," she added.

In Philippines and Malaysia, O'Riordan's name and The Cranberries, continue to trend on social media on Tuesday, January 16 among fans as they pay tribute.

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