Chinese Translation of Cambridge History of Christianity Completed

By Lan Xifeng (from China Ethnic Paper), January 26, 2018 10:01 AM

The Cambridge History of Christianity (Volume 1)

The Chinese translation of the Cambridge History of Christianity was announced as complete after a four-year effort and will be published by China Social Science Press. 

On January 16, the closing ceremony of the project supported by the National Social Science Fund was held, attended by more than 30 scholars.

The translation team was made up of over 30 scholars, mainly from the Centre for the Studies of Christianity of Chinese Academy of Social Sciences and other Chinese universities and research institutions. The translation has over five million words.

Consisting of nine volumes, the Cambridge History of Christianity offers a chronological account of the development of Christianity and Christian social practices with church activities as the backbone, focusing on the systematization of Christian thoughts and the expansion of its influence. 

The series covers ecclesiastical and theological history as well as the history of Christianity's dialogues with other religions and the comparative history. Involving the early church and beyond, it also depicts the history of Christianity in the Far East, West Asia, Northern Africa, Europe, the New World, and Oceania, coupled with the development of Asia in modern times. 

The evaluation experts claimed that the Chinese version would present the most complete Christian history among Chinese Christians, helpful to the research on Christianity in China and interdisciplinary research. 

-Translated by Karen Luo

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