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Church Basement Submerged in Torrential Rain

Church Basement Submerged in Torrential Rain

Recently the basement of Ji'an Gospel Church was submerged. Recently the basement of Ji'an Gospel Church was submerged.(Provided by Rev. You Bin)
ByGrace Zhi June 17, 2019
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Torrential rain has been striking eastern China's Jiangxi Province since June 6, even flooding a church basement.

As of June 10, floods triggered by heavy rain due to the El Nino effect affected 6.75 million people, with 83 dead and missing. 

Ji'an Gospel Church's basement that was built in 2007 has been submerged in water. Recently Rev. You Bin, in charge of the church, said that the church was not affected severely because the church is located in the urban area and its members also live in the city. 

However, the flood was the largest in the last decades, he added. He claimed that the church would know more information about how nearby church buildings and Christians were affected. 

"A simple church building for the Miao minority has not been affected, thanks to its location on a mountain," said Brother Zhang, a member of the church. The building is of adobe construction donated by another brother. 

But another church at a lower elevation was flooded. Rev. You planned to visit it in the coming days. 

The Christian-based Amity Foundation distributed goods to the victims in Ji'an. Prayers for the local people's livelihood and the safety of their property was also requested.

- Translated by Karen Luo

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