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Shandong Penglai Church Holds Retreat

Shandong Penglai Church Holds Retreat

Wulin (Huahe) Shenghui Church, formerly known as Wulin (Huahe) Shenghui Church, formerly known as "Dengzhou Monument Street Church" (Shandong Penglai Church)
ByRi Ye January 17, 2020
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On January 11, 2020, more than 100 church workers gathered in Shandong Penglai Church of China's eastern coastal Shandong Province to attend a retreat.

During the retreat, church Elder Li Yongqian shared the word of God in a sermon entitled "Worthy of the Calling You Have Received" in a simple way.

Many of the participants felt renewed and inspired to carry out the missionary work.

Sister Ge Liping, the church's office director, reported the work of the church in 2019. She led those who joined in the meeting to reflect on themselves, confess their sins and repent. They prayed that God would grant them a humble and obedient heart, turn all the ministries over to the Lord, and instill a spirit of dedication and unity among the workers.

The 28 service fellowships, including the Martha group, were assigned different and specific tasks.

- Translated by Karen Luo

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