The Panorama of The oldest and largest church in Hangzhou was made

Sicheng Church
Sicheng Church
By Issachar LiAugust 10th, 2015

Hangzhou Historical Building Protection and Management Center made and published a media book, titled Hangzhou Sicheng Church. Readers can get an overview of Sicheng Church through the panorama without entering the church, and through the audio, a brief history of the church is easily gotten.

This topic includes 4 Parts, which are Graphic Presentation, Overview Navigation, Audio Guidance and Map Navigation. Readers can get the knowledge of history of Sicheng Church and its architectural characteristics.

Sicheng Church was built in 1927, in memorial of Chengzhai Zhang, the first Chinese pastor. Sicheng Church was named after the pastor. It has become the oldest and largest church in Hangzhou.

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