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Testimony: 26 Y-O Seminarian Chooses to Serve in Rural Church

Testimony: 26 Y-O Seminarian Chooses to Serve in Rural Church

Wei Yuan Wei Yuan(Wei Yuan )
ByCCD Contributor: Wei Yuan July 26, 2016
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Editor's note: Sister Wei Yuan, who has graduated from the Zhong Nan Theological Seminary for four years and a two-year training program, choses to serve in a rural church as a volunteer.  She believes that God will supply the needs of her family. 

Below is her faith testimony: 

Speaking about my faith testimony, it is quite simple. Not like many believers who dedicated themselves to the Lord for some reason, I believed in the Lord naturally. 

My mother told me that she converted to Christianity when I was young; however, she began to suffer from the pain in her waist. She said that I prayed with my elder sister for her to be well when I began to talk and her waist was never in pain since then.

Later, I went to church with my mother. Growing up, I figured out what "faith" is and gave myself to God in secret while seeing others preach sermons.

In 2006, when my family met some troubles, I, as a student in a secondary specialized school in Hefei, prayed to the Lord that I would offer myself to Him to study theology as long as He answers my prayer. Not knowing how to pray, I even set a deadline for the Lord. 

But God answered it in the set time and I left the school at 16, staying at home for one year to prepare for my promise.

At that time, my family opened a medicine factory that went well. When it was ruined by a fire accident on the evening of December 22, 2007, the disaster caused the financial loss of around one million yuan. 

I thought that I would never be able to study theology, but my parents said, "The Lord gave and the Lord has taken away; may the name of the Lord be praised." (Job 1:20)

I thanked God in letting me join into the training program held by Zhoukou CCC&TSPM one year later. In the beginning of my theology study, I had a deeper understanding of God and the new cognition of myself.

After the commencement exercises from the two-year program, I was enrolled in Zhong Nan Theological Seminary in 2010 and graduated after four years. 

At that time, many of my classmates were finding their pastures, but I, who had a family including my child, had no idea where to go.

There was a fellowship that only had seven believers in my family, who gathered in the evenings. Gradually, the congregation grew and my father intended to found a church. Currently, the church has 500 Christians, a large percentage of whom are from the surrounding villages. Seeing them who are my burdens, I knew where I should go. I would stay at my church as a volunteer.

I didn't worry about my child or my family because I was convinced that God would raise us, who made me and my child. Later, my father wanted to build a larger church for the current rooms couldn't hold the congregation. 

The church bought a land of 5.5 mu and my mother fasted to pray for the land three full days a week. At last, God gave it to us. Experiencing the miracle, I came to know that it is not easy to serve the Lord, but I had joy. 

At the age of 26, I see the spiritual seniors work hard to serve the Lord in the first stages of the church construction. They are joyous, because Jesus is with them in their hearts.

Because of this, I tell myself several times to serve the Lord to the utmost of my abilities as long as I live.

I love to serve the innocent rural believers, most of whom can't read. Therefore, it requires us, the servants of God, to explain the Bible to them, which I'm delightful to do.

Although I get no penny from the church, I believe that the heavenly father deposits the money in the heaven. 

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