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Sex Education Called to be Included in China’s School Curriculum

Sex Education Called to be Included in China’s School Curriculum

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ByPauline Petro August 03, 2016
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Sex education is expected to be included in China’s school curriculum, some health experts calling for. Data shows that young people are at risk of sexually transmitted diseases and unwanted pregnancies.

The topic of sex education has recently been a heated topic on Sina Weibo - China’s version of Twitter. Previously, there are campaigners condemned a sex education textbook that claimed premarital sex has a “tremendously negative psychological and physical impact on girls.”

Sex could not be discussed openly in China for thousand of years. Even today, it is taboo in most of the schools, only lectures on psychological health that contain little practical knowledge. Parents also avoid discussing the issue with their children. Reported by ChinaDaily’s reporting on the topic of sex education in China’s schools.

Chengdu University is the only college in the country that offers sex education as a minor course. Guo Ping, a professor of psychology here said that comprehensive sex education includes age-appropriate, medically accurate information about a broad range of topics related to sexuality, including human development, relationships, decision-making, abstinence, contraception and prevention of disease.

It’s said that the government is till trying to formulate a nationally recognized sex education curriculum. In the process, some nonprofit organizations have taken the initiative and launched pilot projects, such as the Youth Love Station, supported by the AIDS Prevention Education Project for Chinese Youth.

By providing comprehensive sex education, the project not only teaches students about gender differences and safe sex, it also aims to convey the basic values of "love with respect" to young people.

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