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Christian Family Awarded China's 1st Ever National Civilized Family

Christian Family Awarded China's 1st Ever National Civilized Family

Zhu Bangyue Zhu Bangyue
ByCCD contributor: Rev. Liu Liquan November 30, 2016
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Recently Brother Zhu Bangyue's family from Fujian was rewarded in the first-ever 'National Civilized Family' , after having been rated as one of the second national moral models and the ten figures of 2009 "Touching China."

Zhu, a 78-year-old retired worker of a coal mine plant, is a Christian of Shaikou Church of Shaowu City. More than two score years ago, his colleague Gu Weizu suffered from a heart attack and Zhu hurried to send him to the hospital. Before death, Gu, unable to speak, held the hand of Zhu with an imploring look, hoping that the kind-hearted brother could take care of his wife Zhu Lingmei, the baby to be born and a three-year-old son. Zhu promised. 

From then, his life committed to this family and shouldered the burden to look after Zhu Lingmei and her two sons, giving up having his own child. At that time his "wife" was diagnosed with a strange disease, lying in bed. What was worse, she passed it down to her children who were sick one by one.  Soon another disaster hit the family. On May 16, 1986, Zhu Bangyue was knocked down by a truck when riding a bicycle. Unfortunately, his left leg was amputated due to a comminuted fracture.

It took courage to maintain the living of such a family. Zhu created a warm home and his love brought limitless courage to the family members. A seemingly simple promise has been kept in the past over forty years. Zhu got up early and held them in the arms for dressing and washing day after day. He was responsible for the most of household affairs.

"I hope that I can live and be healthy, protecting my three 'wife and children' with incurable diseases. I will try my best to let them have happy lives as long as they live." Said Zhu. 

His wife says that they can't live so far without the grace God granted them. She converted to Christianity in 1994 and was baptized in Dongguan Church by being carried on other's back  in 1997. Brother Zhu received baptism in 1995 and his two sons were baptized several years ago. Instead of blaming God, they prayed together and looked up to God's mercy in sufferings. Although the medical expert concluded that his wife and sons could die before 40 years old, they survived and his wife who has in bed has been never tormented by any sore.

In 2013, the younger son died of an illness. Three years later, the other son with the same disease left the world. The family has decided to donate their organs after death for medical research. 

In 2011 his moving story was adapted as the film "Father", based on two novels written by his younger son Zhu Shaohua. The film was broadcast on CCTV.

Translated By: Karen Luo

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