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CPPCC Attaches Importance to Training Young Religious Leaders

CPPCC Attaches Importance to Training Young Religious Leaders

National People's Congress Assembly National People's Congress Assembly(The Indian Express)
ByWu Yan March 11, 2017
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March 3, the Fifth Session of the 12th Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference (CPPCC) was held in Beijing and the work report of the Standing Committee of National Committee and their proposals after a summary of the previous fourth sessions was heard and reviewed. 

Yu Zhengsheng, a member of the Standing Committee of the Political Bureau of the CPC Central Committee and Chairman of CPPCC, made the report. He summarized its religious work in 2016 in the "implementation of the party's national policy and religious policy, to promote national unity and religious harmony."

They studied the spirit of national religious works, put forward proposals for amending religious affairs rules and held seminars to study religions; The made the decision to advocate explicating religious doctrines in the framework of socialist core beliefs; Concerning the training of religious talents, religious affairs of the minority ethnic groups and the long-term effective ways to construct and administer to the Buddhist temples in Tibet, they conducted researches and discussed policies; They held 3 conferences to collect people's thoughts on how they viewed religions and made suggestions on how to help poor religious people walk out of poverty and conduct religious activities healthily. 

When reporting on the major tasks for the committee in 2017, he introduced their religious works in working hard to maintain societal stability. They will discuss how to raise young religious leaders and hold more meetings to talk with people of minority groups and religious representatives so as to tighten up their bond with ethnic groups and religious circles.

March 4, Religious members of the Committee discussed the work report.

Fu Xianwei, Chairman of Chinese Christian Three-Self Patriotic Movement, said,"The biggest problem facing the religious field is the shortage of young leaders. The work report for 2017 mentioned that they will discuss about how to raise young religious leaders, which shows the party's concern and care for religious people. We should keep working on holding conferences to hear people's heart as a good bridge between the government and religious believers. We should make use of these conferences to speak and work for society's stability, national unity and harmony among religions.

Lei Shiyin, Vice Chairman of Chinese Catholic Patriotic Association, suggested strengthening the work to raise religious young leaders by renewing religious schools rules and developing the quality of these school's education. 

Wu Wei, President of the Beijing Christian Two Sessions, said, "the committee which mentioned religious works is about to discuss on raising young religious leaders is very important and timely. The future for religions lies in bringing up young leaders. I suggest that the committee not only gives emphasis to raising leaders but also gives thought to using them in reality, caring for their practical needs and difficulties in life so that they may play a positive role in leading their followers to devote to the great revival of China."

The deputy director of the Chinese Buddhist Association pointed out that President Xi Jingping gave much attention to religious works and that religious field's people favored the party's policies; The key is to actualize its plans, which depends not only on the government and party but also the participation of the religious people and the religious members of the committee. They are expected to lead the vast number of religious people in devoting their life to overcoming poverty so as to build a well-off society. 

The vice-director of the advanced institute of Tibetan Buddhism in China said, "The core concerns of the committee on raising young religious leaders, reflecting the people's heart are also significant in the agenda of ethnic religious committee. Ethnic religious people and the vast number of believers are positive forces for the society's development. We should think hard about ways to gather them as closest as possible to our party and government, distinguishing the vast number of religious people loving the country from the small radicals aimed at a division.

Translated by Alvin Zhou

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