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Elderly Mother and Sick Daughter Meet Jesus During Treatment in Beijing

Elderly Mother and Sick Daughter Meet Jesus During Treatment in Beijing

Liu Yuhua and her mother Liu Yuhua and her mother (Provided by Liu Yuhua)
ByCCd contributor: Liu Yuhua May 19, 2018
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At the age of 20, Liu Yuhua suffered from rheumatoid arthritis, incapable of looking after herself. Since then, her mother has cared for her for 23 years.

Over two decades ago, setting out from their hometown in Jiangsu Province, Liu's 60-odd-year-old mother carried her in a rickshaw to Beijing. It took them over a month to reach a hospital in Beijing, China's capital. 

Arriving at the hospital, they had to sleep on makeshift beds on the floor because they only had about a hundred yuan. One day, the mother found a wallet that had money, an ID, and an employee's card. She returned the wallet to the hospital and the owner expressed gratitude. 

The event was reported by the Beijing Youth Daily and Beijing IV Station. Hearing the story, Chen Xiaoxu, a Buddhist actress famous for her role as Lin Daiyu in the TV series Dream of the Red Chamber, took them into her home. However, they left for their hometown after Chen's death in 2007. 

To let her daughter live even if she is not in the world, this year the 78-year-old mother took Liu to seek treatment in Beijing again. After simple checks in Peking Union Medical College Hospital, they couldn't afford the cheapest medicine. A kind-hearted patient paid for it for them. A restaurant provided them with free lunches for three months. 

One day, a young girl gave Liu a copy of the Bible and told her that Jesus loved her. Liu was indifferent to the girl's kindness, but her mother put the Bible into her backpack.

Liu's mother had to have a minimally invasive surgery for her right leg swelling and ulcers induced by varicose veins. But the surgery cost of 20,000 yuan was an astronomical figure for them. 

Someday a Christian and other Christians from the Joyful Candlelight Fellowship of Beijing Chongwenmen Church visited them. With the financial help of the fellowship and other people, the operation went well. 

They were provided accommodation in a hotel near Chongwenmen Church. The believers treated them like kin and took them to the church on Sundays. Liu prayer the sinner's prayer on May 14, 2018. Her mother also followed Jesus.  

- Translated by Karen Luo

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