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Migrant Worker’s Voice: There Is No Foreign Land with the Lord's Presence Accompanying Me

Migrant Worker’s Voice: There Is No Foreign Land with the Lord's Presence Accompanying Me

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ByCCD contributor: Jacob Zhao December 11, 2018
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Editor's note: Below is an oral testimony dictation from a female migrant worker in a third-tier city. 

My name is Liu Yue and I share my life-changing testimony of encountering God in a foreign land.

I became a Christian in my hometown of Shangluo in China's southeastern Shaanxi Province. I'm a migrate worker working in a new energy factory in Fujian. 

Shortly after starting work in Ningde, Fujian, I asked God to help me find a place to worship Him. He answered my prayer. I found a Bible study fellowship through an online Christian platform. Their hospitality helped me to soon become a part of the fellowship and I didn't feel strange at all. Maybe that was the feeling of communing with the saints.

When the Bible study ended, a sister I had just met called a taxi to give me a ride back to my factory dormitory. Unexpectedly, I came to realize that the place where I got off was not my working site. What was worse, I couldn't remember my factory's name at that time. 

When the evening lights were on, I was at a loss in the strange city. I tried searching for my dormitory and bounced around, but all my efforts were fruitless. As the sky gradually darkened, I began to feel anxious. I called the superior but failed to get through. What if I, a lonely woman, met a bad person at night?

Having no choice, I stopped, calmed down, and suddenly thought of the Lord. Then I cried out to Him in my heart, "Lord, since you brought me here peacefully, I believe you will allow me to return to my home safely. " 

While saying this prayer, I couldn't help but walk straight. It was then that I saw a car parked along the street. It astonished me that the driver was the one who drove me here. 

He asked about the location of the factory I worked for, but I didn't know anything. I was still unable to reach my supervisor. I remembered to pray again. So I prayed to God silently, "God, please grant me discernment and wisdom to find the factory I labor for."

The Spirit of God guided me to pay attention to a worker card used for factory entry and exit every day. The driver located my place according to the address written on the card and before long, drove me back there. 

God never fails. I know him more because of His leading and guiding to help me find the right way back to my apartment despite losing my bearings after the Bible study. 

When I first moved into the plant, nobody could hear my grievances; in the night, I, a homesick migrant laborer, working away from home, shed many sad tears under the moon. I had deep experiences of "being foreign"just as those migrant workers did. Loneliness, melancholy as well as hurt and rejection between colleagues produced a mass of "bruises" inside me. 

Since I encountered the Lord, I know I can rely on him and any mental distress is far away from me. There is no foreign land with the Lord's presence accompanying me.  

- Translated by Karen Luo

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