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Chinese Regulator to Investigate TCM Firm After Viral Cancer Case

Chinese Regulator to Investigate TCM Firm After Viral Cancer Case

traditional Chinese medicine traditional Chinese medicine(Pixabay)
ByMei Manuel December 30, 2018
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On Tuesday, Chinese authorities are investigating a traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) firm after it was linked to the death of a young cancer patient and her case was rediscussed online, triggering an influx of widespread anger on the country's healthcare capacity.

In the report of Reuters, an official at the Tianjin office of a food and drug safety regulator said that Quanjian Group is under investigation with allegations including false marketing.

The state media previously reported the case of a young girl who died in 2015 after switching treatments to one made by Quanjian. However, on Tuesday, a related article was published on the healthcare site DXY.cn and brought the case back to debate and made it viral.

According to the article, Quanjian used misleading advertising to attract patients and used fake claims regarding its effectiveness.

Quanjian responded on a social media post regarding the issue, saying that the DXY article was inaccurate and they will be taking legal steps to protect its rights. They also said that a local court had previously ruled against the complaints filed by the girls' father in 2015.

Aside from Quanjian's false claims, netizens are also calling against the poor conditions of healthcare in the country.

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