Chinese Supreme Court to Handle Intellectual Property Cases

copyright (photo:Pixabay)
By Mei ManuelDecember 30th, 2018

On Saturday, the Chinese government announced that the Chinese Supreme Court will now be able to look into intellectual property rights cases starting next month as part of its efforts to protect itself from complaints from the United States about the issue.

China and the United States are currently on talks to resolve their trade dispute, which has been affecting the international market.

The US, alongside the European Union, has long complained about China being lax about enforcing intellectual property rights in China and it has been a major complaint by the Trump administration, as well as forced technology transfers and a huge trade gap.

Beijing has responded to these complaints and has started acting to show that it is serious in addressing US concerns.

According to deputy chief justice Luo Dongchuan in a news conference that starting January 1, the Supreme Court would begin looking into appeals on intellectual property rights cases.

"Setting up a Supreme Court intellectual property rights court is an important decision by the Communist Party, is a major step to strengthen the legal protection of intellectual property rights and will have a major impact at home and abroad."

Luo did not directly answer a question about how the United States should view the move and what it said about China's efforts, only saying that such protection was a "basic national policy".

"China is already the world's second largest economy, and in the future China's development will rely on innovation. The protection of innovation needs there to be legal protection for intellectual property rights."


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