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Baby Found Alive After 35 Hours Under Rubble in Russia

Baby Found Alive After 35 Hours Under Rubble in Russia

ByMei Manuel January 02, 2019
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On Tuesday, a baby boy was found alive after 35 hours under the rubble of a Russian apartment block that partially collapsed after an explosion despite the freezing temperatures in the city.

The explosion, thought to be caused by a gas leak, damaged 48 apartments in the industrial city of Magnitogorsk on Monday, killing 7 and at least 36 people still missing. Many of the residents, at that time, were asleep considering that it was a public holiday in Russia.

The video footage from the local emergency ministry shared online showed how the miraculous rescue of the child took place and how they secured the child before bringing him to an ambulance. According to the report of TASS news agency, despite the -17 Celsius temperature at the time, the child lived because he was lying on his bed under layers, reducing the injuries he could have had.

The child was found when a rescuer heard him crying and accoording to Interfax, a large operation was immediately launched to rescue him. The operation proved to be difficult because of the unstable debris that posed problems for the resuers.

Interfax reported that the child's mother is alive and has already seen her baby at the hospital. Officials were also quoted in saying that hundreds waited for the miraculous rescue, bringing tears to everyone's eyes.

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