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Christian Elevator Driver Devotes Work for Hospital Safety

Christian Elevator Driver Devotes Work for Hospital Safety

Sister Ma tested the temperature of the passengers in a hospital elevator in March 2020. Sister Ma tested the temperature of the passengers in a hospital elevator in March 2020. (Beijing Chongwenmen Church )
ByMark Cui March 20, 2020
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Sister Ma Wenshu is an elevator driver in the Maternal and Child Health Hospital of Chaoyang District, contributing her part to bringing peace, according to Beijing Chongwenmen Church.

As the coronavirus outbreak happened during the Spring Festival, the hospital was short of staff. In this case, Sister Ma Wenshu had the courage to take on the responsibility, starting to work from the third day of the new year. 

On the eve of the Spring Festival in 2020, a sudden pneumonia pandemic known as COVID-19 swept China. Beijing Chongwenmen Christian Church is also affected. In addition to suspending meetings and worshipping at home, the church also called on all brothers and sisters to donate 500,000 yuan to the disaster-stricken area in Wuhan.

Ma is a member of the Joyful Candlelight Fellowship of Beijing Chongwenmen Church. Working as an elevator driver was very dangerous during the pandemic, and the people she came in contact with were sometimes difficult. The most dangerous thing was that the elevator space was tight after the elevator doors were closed. 

Following the working shift of 10 hours a day, she disinfects the elevator every two hours each day, and also at any time in special circumstances. In particular, women with abnormal body temperature often make her frightened and weak but with the Lord's help she did not flinch.

She prays every day before and after work. When she was weak, she also prayed and recited the Psalms silently until she knew all 91 Psalms. The Lord gave her peace, and she went to work with peace of mind every day. She conscientiously gave the temperature test to everyone who took the elevator, helped the mothers with mobility problems, guided them to different floors, and explained the hospital's regulations to them. Whenever she saw that another new life was born safely and was discharged from the hospital, her heart was full of joy.

Thanks to the Lord's grace, her hospital has now set up isolation wards and has more complete protective clothing.

Sister Ma Wenshu is only one of the thousands of ordinary workers, but it is exactly because of such ordinary dedication to their job that we have been able to maintain some normality during this emergency. The Bible says: "Man is faithful in the smallest things, and he is faithful in the biggest things." (Luke 16:10)

- Translated by Kevin Feng 

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