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Testimony: God Rescues My Family who Suffered from Gas Poisoning

Testimony: God Rescues My Family who Suffered from Gas Poisoning

Sister Liu in Gansu Pinliang Church Sister Liu in Gansu Pinliang Church(Jonah Zhang )
ByCCD contributor: Jonah Zhang November 16, 2020
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In Gansu Pingliang Church, there is a wonderful testimony of God’s grace. A mother, brother and son of Sister Liu, a member of the church, were in a coma due to gas poisoning. Through God's almighty power they came out of their coma.

The younger brother woke up the day after the poisoning, and the mother woke up six days afterwards. The son was in a deep coma for 40 days. During this time, he was twice transferred to other hospitals for treatment, and finally the child was awakened from his deep coma by God.

Liu Feng, 36, was baptized in August 2006. At that time, she was firm in her faith and passionate in serving God. She insisted on going to church every Sunday and giving her tithe. She also served in the ministry of the church for three years.

While working at the Pingliang Design Institute, Liu met her husband (who doesn't believe in God). They had a baby boy in their second year of marriage. At that time, she felt very happy.  She thought that if she kept praying for her husband, he would also believe in God. But her husband did not become a Christian even though she continued to pray for him. Her husband broke his promise that he would become a Christian after marrying her, so they were divorced.

She quit her job at the Design Institute in 2012 to run a cosmetics business. At that time, she wanted to make more money so that after the divorce, she would also have the financial ability to take care of her child. Obsessed with making money, she gradually stopped going to church, praying, and reading the Bible.

In those days, she made a lot of money in her cosmetics business, with the ease of a duck in water. But because she did not pray and did not read the Bible, she gradually lost direction of life. In 2017, she was brought into an online MLM by a classmate. In just one year, she lost all her savings and borrowed money from relatives.

She became frantic because of the huge financial loss that she suffered. She not only could not accept the cruel reality of losing money, but also could not accept that her friends scolded her about the money every day. The stress was so great that she began to quarrel with his husband every day, and finally they got divorced. After the divorce, life was even harder. Every night she couldn't sleep. Due to several days of mental stress and severe insomnia at night, her hair fell out in bunches.

During those two difficult years, she was almost on the verge of a mental breakdown and suffered from severe depression for a time. Her legs were like lead and she could not go to church. She stayed at home every day and didn't want to go out. She cried all day and washed her face with her tears. But the Lord had His way, and it was the Lord with his nailed hands that finally saved her family and her son.

Her hometown is in Zhaizi Street, Kongtong Town, Kongtong District, Pingliang City. On February 14th of this year, due to the novel Coronavirus epidemic, people were all staying in their homes to prevent the spread of the epidemic. On that night, her parents, younger brother and her 12-year-old son all went into a coma due to gas poisoning (The carbon monoxide was produced by the coal burning in the adobe kang and the coal stove. The doors and windows of the house were closed tightly, which caused the whole family to fall into a coma).

Her father was found the next morning, stiff and not breathing, unconscious and dead on the spot. Her mother, brother and son were rushed to the hospital. Her brother, who had only been mildly poisoned because he was sleeping on the couch in the living room. He was put on oxygen and a drip and revived immediately. When all the tests were done, her mother and son were in a serious, life-threatening condition and needed hyperbaric oxygen immediately. But the Pingliang Hospital has no hyperbaric oxygen chamber, so the ambulance rushed them to Huating City Second People's Hospital. At that time, Huating Hospital was on the front line of epidemic prevention and control. The poisoning of her family was so severe that the hospital director had to mobilize the entire hospital. Manpower and material resources were mobilized immediately to rescue her mother and son.

But Liu Feng knew and understood, that she had brought this all on herself. She had forsaken God and sinned against him in her weakness. But she couldn't accept the consequences. After a day and a night, her mother and son were still in a severe coma. There was no response even when they shouted at them or shook their limbs.

Helpless and afraid, she knelt by the bedside and prayed desperately to God: “Lord, save my mother and child.”

Day and night she continued to confess and pray to God and repent of what she had done. After hearing the news, the pastor informed the church brothers and sisters and asked them to pray for her.

Brothers and sisters in Pingliang Church began to kneel and pray every day during their morning and evening prayers. The Pingliang Church choir also arranged a continuous 40-day prayer duty schedule, 24 hours a day, one hour for each person to take turns fasting and praying.

The mother was awakened by the Lord on the sixth day of her hospital stay. This gave Liu Feng confidence that her son would soon wake up. But the boy did not respond to their calls. The doctor prodded the soles of his feet with a needle but he remained still. The doctor said his son's life could be in danger at any moment. Her son experienced high fevers, seizures and convulsions from time to time.

The doctor said every day that her son’s life was at stake. Her ex-husband did not believe in God and had no faith. The pressure made him nearly collapse. What the doctor said made him almost give up the treatment of his son. But she was a person of faith, and she had God to lean on. Although she was on the verge of breaking down every day, she kept on praying, telling the God the difficulties in her heart. She prayed that if God would only wake her son, she would take her mother and son to church. . .

She vividly remembered that one night when she was praying and singing a hymn, she suddenly felt the Lord standing beside her. The Lord, clothed in holy white garments, looked at her tenderly, and said, “If you believe that he shall be at peace, your faith shall save your son.”

The doctors also told her every day to take her son to another hospital. They were doing their best, but there was nothing further that they could do. They contacted several doctors, but the doctors in charge had all gone to Hubei to fight the epidemic, and hospitals with hyperbaric oxygen chambers were not open.

Feeling helpless, she continued to kneel before God, asking him to show her a way out. The Baoji 987 PLA Hospital agreed to admit her son. The doctor who they consulted said there was a large white area on the left and right sides of the child's brain, indicating that brain cells had already died. When brain cells die, they don't regenerate like anywhere else in the human body. The white areas on his brain are where the neurons in the brain are that control speech and movement.

The doctor told her that her son might never wake up, or it could be two years before he woke up, or he might be in a vegetative state forever.

During the time that the son was in therapy in Baoji, the Pingliang Church asked the  Baoji Shilipu church to intercede on his behalf. Elder Liu Xifeng of Baoji Church brought the brothers and sisters of the church choir to the hospital to visit, donate money and pray for her son.

On the 40th day of her son's coma, a sister from the Pingliang Church sent a message asking about his condition. She said the church had fasted and prayed for her son for 40 days and she asked if he was awake. The son suddenly moved. Later, an examination showed that the area of white death cells in the child's brain had disappeared. The doctors said it was completely against medical evidence, but it indeed happened.

With her and his father's loving company and careful care, the son has recovered 90% of his health after being hospitalized for six months. Now he has returned to school.

- Translated by Nicolas Cao 

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