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Jeremy Lin Requests Prayer, Expects People to Move in Prayers

Jeremy Lin Requests Prayer, Expects People to Move in Prayers

Jeremy Lin tied his shoes on the court recently. Jeremy Lin tied his shoes on the court recently.(Jeremy Lin)
ByChristine Lau October 20, 2021
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Christian basketball player Jeremy Lin issued a prayer request, encouraging people to move in prayers.

Citing Psalm 46:10, Lin requested prayers on October 12 for the upcoming CBA season, the battle against COVID-19, and the public’s mental health.

“I will pray for Beijing Ducks as foreign players are allowed in the CBA. Please pray for me that I could enjoy this season, keep healthy, and play basketball at the best level in my life. I would like to remember that my role as a basketball player is to honor God, not myself.”

He confessed that the past months were a time for necessary rest, restoration, and self-discovery. What touched him during that period was that God revealed some perspective shifts in his mental life.

“God is my father, not a tyrant. He lovingly walks with me in my life, never waiting for my next mistake to judge me... He has shown me legalism, pride, ignorance, and where I lack understanding about his true identity. So I had been reestablishing a new relationship with him during the time. I had been attempting to talk with him rather than follow strict frames in my prayer time. I had been trying different ways (drawing near to nature, listening to music, and walking) to experience God rather than adhere to the same pattern. I had been sitting with him, going through different moods in his presence rather than oppress them. I felt ashamed for “insufficient faith in God”. These things have brought me a sense of refreshing and renewal.”

“I had devotions every day, but my relationship with God seemingly lasted the whole day, not just the distributive devotion time. I felt easier, happier, more natural, and comfortable. To be honest, this was the beginning, so I’m aware there’s more to learn, but I feel excited! Thank you for reading my post. Let’s move in prayers. This is my direct verse in this life season: Psalm 46:10 ‘Be still, and know that I am God’.”

- Translated by Karen Luo

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