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Story: Company Executive Chooses to Serve God after 'Arranged Retirement'

Story: Company Executive Chooses to Serve God after 'Arranged Retirement'

Beijing Gangwashi Church Beijing Gangwashi Church
ByEsther Tian September 21, 2022
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Sister Qing used to be a financial executive in an enterprise. Before she became a Christian, she just wanted to live a happy life and cared less about others. After conversion to Christ, her colleagues witnessed her become "a completely different person." She has been transformed into a person willing to give and serve in just a year or two.

Just before she turned 50, she heard that she was arranged to retire from the company. She felt very sad as the retirement pay was so poor compared to her salary.

Thankfully, she was blessed to hear the Gospel before she was notified of her retirement. It was because of her faith that she began to accept the fact of retirement.

Originally, she wanted to appeal, but a word gave up her idea, "Vengeance is mine". By praying, Sister Qing gradually came to her senses and gave her worries to God.

Her friends wondered, "How can you be so happy without being angry at the retirement?" She would use it as a witness, explaining how she changed her mind through God and the love of Jesus. As they listened, some were moved by her testimony and began to know Jesus. Over the course of a year, she spread the Gospel to more than ten former colleagues and brought them to God.

After retirement, Qing often used her spare time to serve. She visited old sisters who are not taken care of and helped those who are sick or in need in the community. This summer, she was moved by God to visit an old neighbor 20 years ago when it was nearly 40 degrees Celsius.

In the beginning, her husband was very supportive and would bring her crosses and other gifts from business trips. But as she spent more time on her faith, he began to grow dissatisfied. When he asked her to cook for him before, she would get frustrated after spending all the effort learning cooking, but being criticized by her husband. But after reading the Bible, she knew that her husband was the head of the family, and she should respect her husband although hehe did not believe in God. In this way, Sister Qing learned humility, patience, and obedience.

So Qing tidied up the house and cooked for her husband every morning. In the afternoon, she could spend all her time with God.

The period of urgently seeking the Lord was the time for her to lay a foundation of faith. It is also because of the accumulation of prayers and words that she can understand God's mind better and slowly embark on the road of serving.

Qing witnessed her participation in the ministry led by God. When she was first asked to serve, she refused. But later, she began to change through God’s words and the encouragement and help of the pastors.

First, she taught herself music theory at home and learned to read music. Then she volunteered to sign up for a choir class. After auditing a few times, the choir leader let her praise on the stage. As she came to the church early every time in the previous meetings, she watched the choir practice and sing at every service, and also learned how to read music and could sing in a very accurate rhythm.

Some asked her if she would like to join the memorial and worship service group. She immediately refused while waving her hands before she could hear clearly, and said "no." She felt terrible as she was the one who feared death the most.

But when she got home, she had a dream. She realized that our Lord is the conqueror of death. After repeated pronouncements, she relieved her fear of death and volunteered to join the memorial and worship service group.

Upon joining the group, she attended a service. The group leader challenged her to be the host. Sister Qing went home and prayed to confirm if it was God’s will. To her surprise, the remembrance of the deceased and the words of comfort to the loved ones of the deceased came up to her mind in the midst of the prayers. The Holy Spirit gave the prayer directly to her. With this assurance, she agreed to the group leader's request.

Qing said that she often visits and nurses an old sister with two other sisters, accompanied her for online worship, and even to the hospital. Because of the trust, they finally helped resolve the years of misunderstanding between the old sister and her little daughter. The mother and daughter, who would always quarrel at first sight, admitted their own mistakes and bitterly cried. God worked among them, and the old sister was moved.

- Translated by Oliver Zuo

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