The Cult "Three Salvation Christ" is rampant in Tujia

By Sandra Deng, April 23, 2014 15:04 PM

Pastor Zhengmei Tian, minister in Tujia-Miao Autonomous Prefecture of Xiangxi

The mainland media site Nandu(, recently reported a news that a couple of Xiangyang, Hubei suicided after more than twenty years' misguiding by the "Three Salvation Christ". Just the year before, the Christian Communications Ltd also mentioned that the "Three Salvation Christ" is rampant in Tujia.
For this matter, the coworker of the Gospel Times connected with Zhengmei Tian in Tujia-Miao Autonomous Prefecture of Xiangxi. Mrs Tian said the "Three Salvation Christ", with the number larger than the local Christians', is indeed rampant in the Tujia.
Zhengmei Tian is from Tujia, believing in Jesus for more than ten years. After graduated from Wuhan Bible School in 2009, she started to preach in Xiangxi autonomous prefecture. "I'm in Lonshan county of the autonomous prefecture. The believers of the 'Three Salvation Christ' surpass the orthodox Christianity's numbers, with the proportion of 3:2. The whole situations of Xiangxi are almost the same", said Mrs Tian on the phone.
Why the "Three Salvation Christ" is so rampant in Tujia? Mrs Tian said, it relates to the lower education level of ethnic minorities and the lack of the local government's control. The believer of the "Three Salvation Christ" will use their relatives and money to move from one village to another. Sometimes they will also use the name of the orthodox Christianity to do things.
The "Three Salvation Christ" is also called the "Evangelism", with the core of the coming of the end of the world and the only hierarch's salvation. They advocate fasting, no medicine, abandoning production, and forsaking earthly pursuits, which have obvious antiscience, antihuman, and antisocial characters.

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