Palace-Style Church Building in China- Suzhou Gospel Chapel

By Josiah Li, August 19, 2016 18:08 PM

Suzhou Gospel Church(Photo provided to CCD)

Suzhou Gospel Chapel is situated in the east part of Dahenan Street in Suzhou, Anhui Province. It's a palace-style chapel with extremely unique design, as established by an American Bysbetarian church in the later years of Qing Dynasty. In August, 2012, the chapel was listed as a state-protected heritage site in Anhui Province to preserve its historical value.

The Gospel Chapel faves the North, with a dimension of 70m x 77m, occupying 5490 square meters. It contains a door entrance, a men's guest room, a ladies' guest room, a bif chapel, a small chapel, the pastor's room and a clock tower.

Pastor Huang Xinping from Suzhou Gospel Church once said this when he was conducting an introductory tour of the church,"With hundred years of history, this building is extremely rich in history, thus transcending tremendous peace to this land."

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