Churches across China Celebrate Mid-autumn Festival

By Karen Luo, September 19, 2016 21:09 PM

A local church of Shandong hols a special thansgiving worship in a hospital to encourage the believers in sickness (Huangjiajie Church of Jining )

The Traditional Chinese Mid-Autumn Festival which is usually celebrated on August 15 of Chinese'lunar calendar, was scheduled on September 15 this year. To many Chinese citizens, this event ranks as the second most important festival next to Chinese New Year, in which families gather together to admire the full moon and eat mooncakes.

For the churches in China, a large number of them prefer to hold praise and worship meetings to express thanks and praises to God for this special day. Tangshan CCC&TSPM invited believers to bring their families and friends to join in the special praise meeting on Sept. 17 to celebrate the festival. Mooncakes, fruits and gifts are given to all the participants. Likewise, the music ministry of Beijing Haidian Church held a praise concert on Sept. 11.

Another special thanksgiving worship was held by a local church in a prayer room of a hospital in Ji'ning, Shandong on Sept. 12. A pastor encouraged the sick believers not to fear illness and comply with the treatment set for the patients by their doctors.

On the other hand, a church nursing home in Dalian, Liaoning conducted a playing-card competition in which 17 teams, each consisting of a senior and an employee, joined to celebrate the festivities.

In Ningxia, a senior choir of Helan Church attended a meeting, sang songs, praised and prayed together. They shared food and gave testimonies. There was also a Bible quiz.

In the southern areas, some churches spread happiness to more people by visiting the elderly. The Beijie Church of Jiangmen, Guangzhou paid a visit to the home for the aged, bringing its greetings and care for the group on Sept. 9. The visitors gave mooncakes to the seniors, fed them and chatted with them. 

In Shanghai, three teams from the Jesus Church of Shiwan Town, Pudong also visited the elderly believers above 90 and gave them a box of mooncakes each on Sept. 8. 

In Hunan, a Christian volunteer team brought festive greetings to lonely elderly people. During the visit, the volunteers gave them a haircut and did their cleaning, sent them daily commodities, fruits and food. Besides, they played instruments while singing songs and dancing with the seniors. 


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