A Brief Introduction to Christian North City Church in ChangSha

By North Church of Changsha, October 19, 2016 06:10 AM

North City Church of Changsha(CCD)

The North City church of ChangSha is located in number 80 Wai XiangChun street, KaiFu district, built by the British London Missionary Society after purchasing its land in 1902. The United Presbyterian Church of North America (U.P.C.N.A for short) built a new church in the same spot in 1917 and rebuilt it in 1930 as the Eternity church. It occupied a land of 467.68 square meters, with a total 1002.40 square meters constructional space, enough to swallow more than 700 people. It's also known as the biggest, most well-preserved religious building in modern times, with its unique architectural construction combining Chinese and western styles, which symbolizes the entrance of western religious culture in the beginning of 20th century.

The church sits east while facing west, and united Chinese and western architectural cultures. The western construction technics and composition methods blending in Chinese traditional architecture and decoration style, uniquely designed, masterfully built, the whole church appears solemn and reverent, so it's considered as a classic represent for the unity of Chinese and western architectural culture in ChangSha, even the whole HuNan province. Because of that, this church became a study program model for architecture students in HuNan University. The people's government of HuNan province announced that the North City church is officially presented as a provincial heritage unit on May 19, 2002. Later, on Sept 9, 2002, the people's government of ChangSha city announced the Christian North City church as a modern heritage building. These recognitions showed the unusual architectural value in viewing and studying of the North City church.

Right now, the first floor of North City church is used for ministerial offices and fellowship activities; the second floor is set as a chapel for believers and important occasions. The North City church is an essential religious center for Christians of HuNan, whose extraordinary social values and religious meaning were perfectly said when the provincial religious affairs bureau added it into the "key places for religious activities of HuNan province" list.

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