Haikou Zhongxin Church: Developed from Serving Korean Believers

By Zhongxin Church , November 01, 2016 00:11 AM

Haikou Zhongxin Church

Hainan Haikou Zhongxin Church was established on Mar 23, 2003. The Church first started with a Korean-speaking service and the believers were nearby Korean believers and students from several universities in Haikou.

The service was in Korean for the first two years and there were 40 believers. However, more and more Han people came to the church and since the Korean people were able to understand Chinese, in March 2005, Zhongxin Church changed to a mandarin language service. The church was renting a 150 square meter apartment in a residential building.

By July 2006, the believers had developed to more than 110. The church back then was in a residential building and it couldn't hold so many people, and the services were affecting the residents' life. So the church rented a 330 square meter room in an office building as a place of worship.

In Aug 2008, for the same reason and needs of the other ministries, the church rented a 440 square meter room in an office building. The number of believers had increased to 160.

By Nov 2010, the number of believers had gone up to 220, so the church rented a 730 square meter room in an office building to worship.

The church has relocated for several times with no fixed place to worship. At the time many brothers and sisters suggested that Zhongxin Church should have a fixed place. Therefore, at the end of 2010 the church started praying to purchase a sanctuary urgently.

The monthly rent back then was 22,000 CNY ($3,222). Until Nov 2014, the burden of the rent was so heavy that the church downsized to the previous 440 square meter unit with monthly rent 12,900 CNY ($2,030).

The brothers and sisters had been praying to purchase a new church urgently. Haikou Zhongxin Church had registered as a legitimate meeting place by Haikou CCC&TSPM with the policy of "gatherings lead by Churches" on Apr 15, 2015.

In Nov 2015 there was more pressure from the rent. The rental contract was expiring at the end of 2016, and the rent would be higher. With urgent prayer by the brothers and sisters in the church, God led Zhongxin Church to carry out the plan of purchasing a new church in Nov 2015.

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