Church of Gansu Helps Local Cult Followers Converting to Christianity

By Josiah Li, January 14, 2017 07:01 AM

Chengguan Church of Qingshui County(CCD File Photo)

The cult "Mentuhui" or "Association of Disciples" induced dozens of locals under the guise of Christianity in Longdong Village, Qingshui County, Tianshui, Gansu. The church in the county helped more than a dozen people out of the wrong doctrine and convert to Christianity.

Founded in Shaanxi in 1989 by farmer Ji Sanbao, Mentuhui was classified as a cult by the Chinese government in 1995.

Deacon Lu Aixian from Chengguan Church of the country shares how the cult persecuted its members and the church led them out of the group.

The local cult members would do some small favors to the villagers, such as giving free life necessities including clothes, salt and detergent. But they preached totally different teachings from Christianity, claiming that the earth would be destroyed, only 100g of rice was allowed for each meal and diseases could be healed without medical treatment. They taught such false teachings through oral communication and audio players, which panicked some people.

People who convert to the cult believe that God will bless them after praying in a corner with heads cowled and such 100g of rice will feed all of them. Due to long-term hunger and no treatment for their sickness, they were in poor health. Even so, they didn't dare to eat more because the leader told them that eating more could bring curses and their relatives who work in cities would encounter accidents.

When a pastor of the local church reached them, they showed resistance to the gospel at first. The pastor encouraged them to have a try and some of them tired, finding that they were getting better and their families were still safe after entering the church. So others followed.

Now a team of five to ten preachers go to the village and teach the truth to the new converts as well as providing financial support. At the same time, the church instructs them to resist the cult transmitters while they were afraid to do this in the beginning. Afterward, they replied to the cult members who claimed to share spiritual food in calls that the police would like to hear the message. Being scared, these cult followers never came again.

The other believers induced by the cult from Longdong Village are now scattered in local villages, totaling around 20, says Deacon Lu. The church hopes to save the rest with the help of the new converts. 

Translated by Karen Luo

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