New Evidences Discovered Regarding the Assassination of Archbishop Oscar Romero

By Mei Manuel, January 22, 2017 03:01 AM

Archbishop Oscar Romero(National Catholic Reporter)

Additionals details regarding the death of Archibishop Oscar Romero of San Salvador, El Salvador in 1980 had been revealed in a book that discusses his death.

The Guardian reported that a new book highlights the events that led up to the shooting of the renowned Church leader while celebrating mass. The title of the book is 'Assassination of a Saint', written by human rights lawyer Matt Eisenbrandt, who has been involved in the investigation for many years. According to the report, Eisenbrandt had also included interviews with witnesses and conspiratiors for the book to add more details regarding the assassination.

Some remarked that the evidences written on the book may even lead to a new prosecution case against those responsible for the murder. The author said, "There are clear [evidential] threads on who gave the original order and who paid for the murder that any concerted investigation in El Salvador would absolutely be able to gather enough evidence to prosecute those involved."

The book also talked about how the country's elites have been disturbed over the Archbishop's attacks and statements on corruption and how the poor are treated in the country.

Currently, no one has been arrested for the murder and the author himself said, "Romero's murder remains a dangerous topic."

Archbishop Romero is considered a heroic figure to Church leaders in Latin America and secular activists. Many expect that others would learn more about the beatified leader as the case for his canonisation is close to completion. Pope Francis, who hails from Argentina, has also been inspired by Romero and had played a key role in speeding up the beatification of the Archbishop last year.

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