Churches in Shanghai Hosts Spring Festival Revival Meetings to Improve Believers’ Spiritual Lives

By Yi Yang, February 12, 2017 01:02 AM

Jingling Church holds a retreat during the Spring Festival holiday (Shanghai Christianity )

In Shanghai, All Saints Church in Huangpu District, Grace Church in Jing'an District, Jingling Church in Hongkou District, Nanqiao Jesus Church in Fengxian District, Christian Church in Qingpu District, and others hosted revival meetings during Spring Festival with the purpose of improving and enriching believer's spiritual lives.

According to an article in Shanghai Christianity, not only did believers count God's blessings during the revival meetings, they also looked forward to life in the year ahead.  They determined to have a good testimony in their family and church lives under God's protection.

Churches in several districts and counties held revival meetings during 2016 Spring Festival as well.  In Feb 2016, CCC&TSPM of Yangpu District held a revival in Hudong Church with over 1,000 people.  Xingang Jesus Church had invited Pastor Chen Meijin, director of CCC&TSPM of Chongming County, to lead the three-day meeting.  Huizhong Christian Church of Pudong District invited Pasto Wang Jianhua, provost of East China Theological School, to be a keynote speaker at their Spring Festival Revival Meeting.  Finally, Chang'an Jesus Church of Pudong New District hosted a Spring Festival Revival Meeting as well as the CCC&TSPM of Jiading District in Huangdu Gospel Church.

Translated by: Grace Hubl

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