Church in Changchun Holds Maundy Thursday Worship Rite

By CCD contributor: Caleb, April 15, 2017 05:04 AM

The feet washing rite(Haikoulu Church)

The Haikoulu Church in Changchun held  Maundy Thursday Worship Service on April 11, 2017.

The head pastor of the church, Pastor Yan, shared a message with the title of "Jesus Washes the Disciples' Feet" among those who attended the service. The sermon led believers through the long history of nearly two thousand years back to the last supper. The evening was full of love, prejudices were broken, and everyone was welcomed.

The service began with the pastor washing the feet of teachers, preachers, and deacons. While washing their feet, the pastor was tearfully praying for each one of them. They all hugged the pastor in tears. In the second portion of the service, the teachers, preachers, and deacons washed the feet of the choir members. In the third portion, the teachers, deacons and choir members washed the feet of nearly 200 believers. The serving fellow workers walked to them, bent down, prayed and blessed them, and washed their feet.

Finally, believers washed the feet of the pastor. Everyone strived to be a part of this service and prayed for the pastor, the church, and the land spontaneously.

(The writer is a teacher at Jilin Bible School.)

Translated by: Grace Hubl

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