How Should Christians Deal with Trouble in Workplace ?

By CCD contributor: Lin Huanxi, November 08, 2017 08:11 AM

Three workplace people hold signs that say, yes or no. (

Apart from basic activities like eating and sleeping, peple spend the most time working. Similar to ordinary people, Christians suffer from trouble in the workplace.

Many Christians grumble about their jobs. Christian new to the workplace are confused about what field and job they should engage in; those working for a while complain about greedy bosses and disgusting colleagues; even the ones with rich work experiences are uncertain about changing jobs, career plans, and how much room exists for promotion.

Here are two points to consider:

Incapable yet unwilling to accept it

One believer wanted a rise to a leadership position in a promotion opportunity, but the company chose another person. Then she felt unhappy.

However, from an objective perspective, I would not have promoted her to a department leadership either if I were her boss because she was indeed incapable.

In the workplace, you are assessed by your ability rather than your belief. It's easy for Christians to fall prey to a mistake that the world will make way for people who believe in God.They always complain about low salaries, exhausted minds, and deceitful people, but the fact is that they are incapable but unwilling to accept it. In fact, there are plenty of opportunities for one who develops the right skills.

God doesn't answer prayer.

Some ask God what their specific missions are in prayer, but God doesn't answer. They become discouraged.

Here is my story:

I worked day and night for two years and my phone had to be on standby 24/7. My job included many trivial things and I mixed with leaders and their secretaries. My direct supervisor was so hot-tempered that all his previous secretaries transferred to another department within three months, so I started my job with the idea of working for just three months, but nothing happened after half a year.

I almost lost my mind due to such drawn-out pressure. After work I was mad at God at home and asked Him for a job transfer in prayer. Seeing no hope for a transfer, I began to pray for the death of my supervisor. Of course, God denied my prayer. He didn't answer it at all for two years.

This stayed the same until one day my supervisor suggested I be transferred. I jumped and danced like a happy child.

During the two years, it seemed that God didn't hear my prayer and I was forgotten. However, the Lord trained my heart. I endured the job at first then became annoyed and perplexed; despair grew in my heart, followed by curses; later I got through it and loved my job. My superior was a bad-tempered and proud man, but his first-ever apology was made to me. I was not grateful for the experience until I realized that normal people had to attain my growth in the two years for years when I held a new post.

A lot of Christians ask me why God doesn't answer their frequent prayer for their work. Maybe your desire is too intense to hear God's voice; maybe He gives the time to make yourself stronger. When it's time to change environments, God will provide you a chance. The point lies in your decision: continuing to complain and hesitate or find a way out of the dilemma?

See, I have placed before you an open door that no one can shut.(Revelation 3:8)

Don't worry, but do what you should, then God will make a way for you.  

- Translated by Karen Luo

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