Harbin Daowai Church Holds Baptism Service before Easter

By Harbin Daowai Church , April 07, 2018 08:04 AM

Daowai Church held the baptism on March 22, 2018. (Harbin Daowai Church )

Group photo of newly baptized believers and the church staff (Harbin Daowai Church )

On March 22, 2018, Harbin Daowai Church held a baptism service.

Before the baptism, 35 seekers heard a sermon about the reasons, requirements for, and meaning of baptism. After having answered baptism questions, they were baptized by Rev. Li Shufan in the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit.

Founded in 1936, Daowai Church of Harbin once belonged to the Baptist Church. In 1939, the church ordained John Cai as pastor. Li Zhihua worked as a preacher in 1953. Five years later, fifteen churches from ten denominations were united and allocated to hold services in three churches including the Baptist Church. It was forcibly closed during the Cultural Revolution and resumed services in the 1980s.

- Translated by Karen Luo

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