Xiamen Church Celebrates Wedding Anniversary

By Grace Zhi, January 09, 2019 11:01 AM

The third celebration of golden, diamond and platinum weddings was held in the Zhushu Church in Xiamen on Dec 29 (Xiamen Zhushu Church )

At the end of 2018, the 3rd celebration of golden, diamond and platinum weddings was held in the Zhushu Church in Xiamen on Dec 29 when 73 couples attended. Three pairs came for their 70th anniversary (platinum jubilee), 16 pairs for their 60th anniversary (diamond jubilee) and 54 pairs for their 50th anniversary (golden jubilee).

The church celebrated the quadrennial wedding in the most magnificent way. The old couples, each of which by holding hands together, formed a line according to the length of their marriage. The group, led by Rev. Chen Meiman and Rev. Lan Meihua, slowly moved into the church.

98-year-old Huang Shunfa and Zhuo Ruirong, his 75-year-old wife, having been through the ups and downs of their 75 years of marriage, reflected on the deep love of Jesus Christ.

"The way people see marriage and family has changed tremendously as has the society and culture. To enjoy immediate pleasure and break up once they feel unsuited is their principle of dealing with relationship and family. Thus, it means a lot to celebrate the 50 or more years of marriage of the 73 couples," Zhushu Church pointed out why they held the celebration.

With such a celebration, the Church hoped that these elderly couples could show the sanctity and blessings of marriage and set a good example of godliness and conjugal love for the next generation, as well as establish a family altar to pass down the beliefs and set an example.

-Translated by Lin Changfeng 

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