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New Building of Century-old Church Completed in Jiangxi

New Building of Century-old Church Completed in Jiangxi

Gospel Church in Yongfeng County, Jiangxi Gospel Church in Yongfeng County, Jiangxi (WeChat account: Normadics )
ByYou Bin January 31, 2019
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On January 12, 2019, the Fuyin Church in Tengtian, Yongfeng county, Jiangxi Province, celebrated the completion of its new church.

Ning, the deacon of the church, said that, according to Yongfeng Records, Lin Manying, a Finnish clergywoman came to Tengtian and rented a house to preach, in 1927, almost a century ago.

Around February of 1934, Peng Daoyuan and his wife Li Dong'e were sent to work at the Christian Church in Yongfeng County after passing the minister's training by the Jiangxi branch of the China Inland Mission. They were then dispatched to Tengtian to preach, where they rented a house to spread the gospel in April of 1934. The Ji'an branch of the China Inland Mission in Jiangxi found that Christians in Tengtian were enthusiastic about the religion and as a result the church grew to 200 members. In 1928 they began to build the church, the first church of the China Inland Mission, and it was completed in 1939. It was a two-storey building with an arched chapel. Behind the building were dormitories and a kitchen. The church owned 3.3 mu of land, or about 22 acres.

During the anti-Japanese war, Ren Lujia and Lin Fei from Finland came to Yongfeng to preach in the Tianbao Church, while the Tengtian branch of China Inland Mission was presided over by Peng Yansheng from China. In April 1953, the Ji'an Church sent two graduates from the Chongqing Seminary to spread gospel this area. They finished their ministry and left in 1956.

From 1988 to 1989, staff was sent to Tengtian from the Wenzhou Gospel Group in Zhejiang Province but they failed to establish a church there. On January 1993, they came back again. They distributed gospel tracts in the daytime and preached in a Christian's home at night. After nearly a month, the church was rebuilt.

In 1998, the church moved to an ancestral hall. Around 70 to 80 people gathered there. When the old ancestral hall became too dangerous they gathered in a Christian's home. In 2006, sponsored by the Wenzhou Church, they paid 28,000 yuan for an old dormitory building occupying 273 square meter to be used as a gathering place. In 2016, the building was no longer safe and had to be rebuilt. The new church, which cost more than 900 thousand yuan to build, covers an area of 409 square meters, with more than 1,400 square meters covering the entire building area.

A  few affiliated churches were founded after the believers started meeting again in 1993.

-Translated by Lin Changfeng

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