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Renovated Gulangyu Trinity Church Holds Dedication Service

Renovated Gulangyu Trinity Church Holds Dedication Service

Gulangyu Trinity Church Gulangyu Trinity Church
ByCCD contributor: Paul Wu March 18, 2019
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On March 17, 2019, Trinity Church was dedicated on Gulangyu Island, a UNESCO World Cultural Heritage Site. 

Built in 1934 by basically three denominations, the original church suffered from water leakage due to heavy rainfall in May 2012. After the repairs proved useless, the staff decided to embark on a major revamp.  

Partially funded by moneys from the national level, renovation projects kicked off in Feb 2016 and passed inspection in January 2019. The first Sunday service took place in the newly renovated church on February 3. 

Yesterday the church's choir joined other choirs and sang hymns as an offering of thanks to the Lord.

Ten Christian cultural heritage sites are located on Gulangyu, including Trinity church, a Catholic church, and a Christian cemetary.

- Translated by Karen Luo

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