Germany Association of Protestant Churches and Missions Visits Shanghai

By Shanghai Christianity , March 19, 2019 10:03 AM

A delegation from Evangelisches Missionswerk in Deutschland visited the Shanghai Chstian Council & Municipal Three -Self Association on Mar. 12, 2019.(WeChat account: Shanghai Christianity )

On the afternoon of 12, March 2019, a delegation of four from the Association of Protestant Churches and Missions in Germany (EMW) or the Evangelisches Missionswerk in Deutschland under the leadership of Pastor Martin Greg, the director of the Asia Pacific region of the Association, visited the Shanghai China Christian Council (CCC) & Municipal Three-Self Association.

During the visit, the President of Shanghai CCC, Pastor Xu reviewed the discussion between Shanghai and German churches regarding music, pastoring, theological education, and inter-religious dialogue.

After the review, at the request of the delegation, Pastor Xu introduced the basic situation of the Shanghai church in terms of faculty, personnel training, theological education, and foreign exchanges. Pastor Xu indicated that as the beneficiary of the open and reform policy, the conditions of ministry and education of Shanghai churches and the East China Theological College have improved since public worship was allowed. The changes and development are obvious to all. The director of the education ministry of EMW, who has visited various seminaries in China multiple times, Dr. Michael, said that he was very impressed by the investment and improvement in the teaching staff.

Pastor Xu replied, 'Education and the development of teaching personnel are urgent for Shanghai churches. The theological education in German churches is world class. It is hoped that communication between the two parties continue to deepen.' Shanghai and Hamburg, as sister cities, have had broad exchanges in politics, business, and culture. In the future, the two cities' churches may increase cooperation. For this, the EMW, which is headquartered in Hamburg, is happy to make a contribution. Through this visit, the two parties fully hope for future exchanges and communication.  

- Translated by Charlie Li

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