Christian Blind Art Troupe Performs in Zhangzhou, Fujian

By CCD contributor: Lin Muli, Lv Qiaohua , March 29, 2019 09:03 AM

The musical ensemble "The Sound of Heavenly Love"(Provided by Lin Muli)

The musical ensemble "The Sound of Heavenly Love" is very special because all of their members are blind. The leader of the group has participated in two National Talent Singers' Grand Prix and won the championship. Their music is the testimony of their lives.

On March 24th at the invitation of North Gate Church of Zhangzhou, Fujian, the group performed and gave witness. During the show, Brother Chen Yong cited the Bible story in Luke 18:35-42, shared his own testimony, calling it, "Escape from Pain to Happiness", and sung a song entitled, "No Regrets", one he was divinely inspired to compose. The audience was very moved. One of the group's musical directors, Brother Wu Dashuang along with other members also sang and played other songs such as "Love from the Sky" and "Meeting Jesus Is Meeting Happiness".

- Translated by Jake

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