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Yunnan Dedicates New Yi Church

Yunnan Dedicates New Yi Church

Nuotudeng Church Nuotudeng Church (WeChat account: “Luonianbenjiayuan”)
ByYi Yang April 17, 2019
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On March 31, 2019, a new church for Yi minority was dedicated in Yunnan's capital Kunming. 

Mainly Yi people, the congregation of Nuotudeng Church in Sayingpan Town, Luquan County is from five unincorporated villages. 

In 1911, the gospel was introduced into Dega Village and one later year, some villagers were converted to Christianity and spread the gospel, according to the WeChat account "Luonianbenjiayuan". 

The church was closed in 1952 and reopened in 1979. In 1982, the congregation often gathered at the village's threshing floor and prepared to build a simply structured church. The next year they moved to meet in the church building. With the increase in the membership, the church was extended in 1985. In 1999, a reinforced concrete church was constructed and served the congregation until 2018. A four-story church was completed in 14 months. 

The church has 150 believers, aiming at evangelism and tithing. In the past 18 years, it has developed more than 30 seminary students who serve in different places.  

- Translated by Karen Luo

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