Jilin Churchh Aids Child with Serious Illness

By CCD contributor: Cao Yajie, July 15, 2019 16:07 PM

One staff of Hebei Church in Dashitou Town gave a compassion offering to Wang Zhengyang's family on July 4, 2019. (Provided by Cao Yajie )

On July 4, 2019, Rev. Chai Yanxia of Hebei Church, Dashitou Town, Dunhua City, Jilin Province, led co-workers for the third time to the home of a child and had also sent along a compassion offering of money from brothers and sisters.

The child, Wang Zhengyang, who lives in Luotuolazi village, 15 kilometres away from Dashitou town, is just seven years old. He has suffered from severe dermatomyositis since he was four years old. For several years now his family has been seeking medical treatment in many places. They have used up all their savings and he hasn't been getting better. Because the poor family has no money, the child's treatment is in jeopardy.

The brothers and sisters of the church heard about this situation after the Sunday worship services on June 22. The head of the church, Rev. Chai discussed with the co-workers finding ways of helping Wang Zhengyang. The first time, they drove to Wang's home. What they saw touched their hearts because the child's condition was more serious than they had expected. When the compassion offering of 2,572 yuan was handed to the child's grandmother, she was moved to tears. She took everyone's hand and repeatedly thanked them.

After the co-workers returned to the church, they reported the condition of the child to the believers.They prayed for Wang and also decided to support the boy. They donated money and other things to him, helped look for different medical options, etc. It was also decided to give a second and third donation.

- Translated by Shiliang Li








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