NE Church Holds Display of Handwritten Bible Scripts to Mark Centenary of CUV

By CCD contributor: Dou Xue, August 14, 2019 10:08 AM

On August 9, 2019, a "Hand-written Bible Display" was held at the Chinese Chapel of Canhua Church in Yanji, Jilin. (Provided by Du Xue )

On August 9, 2019, to commemorate the centenary of the publication of the Chinese Bible (CUV - Chinese Union Version), a "Hand-written Bible Display" was held at the Chinese Chapel of Canhua Church in Yanji City, Jilin Province.

It had been nearly a decade since the Chinese Department of Worship of Yanji Canhua Church carried out the Bible-copying campaign. This time around it involved 12 brothers and sisters showing the Bible scribed by hand. One of them, the eldest sister Cheng Chunzhi, 72 years old, had spent nine years copying the Bible, during which she has witnessed the maturation of her life. The youngest sister Li Ying, could only use her left hand to write because of an illness that had hindered her ability to write with her right hand, had copied the Bible twice with very neat handwriting. Brother Yang Jingguo, 66 years old, was currently copying it for the fourth time. Sister Zhang Fenghua used the shortest time (only five months) to copy the Bible once. She does more than seven hours a day.

These brothers and sisters have different occupations and ages, and they all said that copying the Bible helped them better understand God's Word.

The manuscript Bible display took place in the morning and evening, with nearly 300 believers taking part in the event, and more than two dozen brothers and sisters copying the bible in addition to the twelve brothers and sisters who participated in the show. The show's activities gave the brothers and sisters a lot of inspiration; they expressed their desire to cherish time, read the Bible more often, and put God's Word in their own lives.

- Translated by Charlie Li

(The author is a worker of Canhua Church in Yanji, Jilin.)



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